Caitlin and James - Manchester Ancoats / by Dorian Knightley

I love a pre-wedding/engagement shoot. None of the stress of the big day itself and a great way for us to get to know each other.

Ancoats in Manchester was a perfect city location for this shoot. Manchester's industrial history meets urban cool. Winding canals are backed by red bricked houses and converted warehouses. I love the way modernity punctuates all this - the splashes of graffiti and the glass walls of the high rises. I live just outside the city so usually do these shoots at forests, reservoirs or rolling hills but I'll definitely be heading over to Manchester more often now.

Caitlin and James are getting married in a venue right in the heart of Ancoats later this year. The venue looks incredible - industrial, contemporary and super-cool.

Hopefully I've captured Caitlin and James' style and sense of fun in these pictures. I can’t wait for the wedding.