Sarah and Daniel - Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey, 16th March 2019 / by Dorian Knightley

Sarah said: Wow! what can we say, these photos are simply incredible!! We cannot thank you enough for capturing the day so perfectly! … we love the pictures and we are so pleased we chose you to be our photographer .

This was a wedding of firsts for me. My first wedding of 2019, my first time photographing a wedding in the beautiful Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey, and my first wedding using my new Fujifilm setup.

I'd heard good things about the Tithe Barn but was still amazed when I saw it for the first time. I met Sarah and Daniel there a few weeks before the wedding to check it out and discuss the day with them. I think my mouth must have been hanging open in awe the whole time I was there. It's a huge space full of thick, rustic wooden beams. There are fairy lights everywhere. It's a photographer's dream.

As the day approached, it became clear the weather was going to be a problem. Driving rain all day, with flood warnings in the area. Sarah and Dan didn't let that get them down for a second though. I met up with Sarah and her bridal party at a (palatial) nearby cottage where they had a small army doing their hair and makeup. They started drinking champagne very soon after I arrived and everyone was clearly having a lovely time.

Then I made my way to the Tithe Barn to meet up with Daniel and his groomsmen and do a little photo-shoot there before the ceremony. The rain was so heavy it was impossible to take any photos outside so we found a nice little nook and took advantage of a very large window.

The ceremony itself was beautiful. We could hear the rain pounding on the roof. Daniel had tears in his eyes pretty much the whole way through. It was lovely.

It became very clear through the day just how lovely Sarah, Daniel and all their family and friends were. There was a really nice, fun atmosphere from start to finish. Nobody was stressing out, everyone was just really happy.

Congratulations to The Preedys, and thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wonderful day.