Rebecca and Chris - Irwell Vale / by Dorian Knightley

Rebecca said: Wow, these are lovely! Thank you so much! These have turned out so much better than I anticipated they would. Thank you again, we had a really good time.

I love engagement shoots. It’s really nice taking photos of couples who are so completely in love with each other. Without the fast-paced environment of a wedding, I can spend time getting to know the couple and having fun with them. We can get past the shyness and fear of the camera very quickly and just make beautiful photos.

Rebecca and Chris got engaged on New Years Eve and were clearly still buzzing when I met them three weeks later. We went out on a very chilly, grey morning to Irwell Vale, a beautiful little village tucked away in the Rossendale Valley. I used my Canon 100mm and Tamron 35mm. I love them both but the Tamron surprises me every time I use it. It just makes everything look perfect.

Massive congratulations to Rebecca and Chris.